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GEOG 3230 Global Climate Change


Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. In this interdisciplinary course, students from five universities around the world will explore together the complex scientific, societal, technological and policy challenges involved in Global Climate Change. The course will be organized around five themes: 1) Understanding Climate Change, 2) Can we slow Climate Change down?, 3) Adaptating to a changing climate, 4) COP16: Collaborating on Climate Change, and 5) Individual action, global impacts. Each topic will be introduced by a prominent speaker, followed by a discussion with experts from each country. Using videoconferencing technology, students from five universities located in the United States, Brazil, India, Mexico, and China will work together to come up with original solutions for a challenging issue in Global Climate Change.

In this blog you will be able to follow the student’s work, comment on their projects, and watch videos of the prominent speakers’ presentations and round-table discussions.

This course is offered as a partnership between East Carolina University, the United States Department of State, Faculdade de Jaguariúna (Brazil), Shandong University (China), University of Jammu (India), and Universidad Regiomontana (Mexico).